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get the fuck out

I want Plankton to plow my ass into the 4th dimension, I want my ass to be the reason he doesn’t give up when he fails to steal the krabby patty formula, I want you to send me to bikini bottom with 40 tanks of oxygen cause I’m gonna be on that dick for 40 days and 40 nights and then some I don’t give a fuck I’ll die riding that dick

please calm down ma’m

I’m a guy

… I-I don’t have words anymore

Spirit was playing by the fountain in the courtyard with a ball, when a small blue turtle walked over, and hopped into the water




Amethyst ,having been stuck with babysitting duty, didn’t notice the turtle for she was to busy with her sketchbook. Pretty much leaving Spirit to fend on his own.  

Some water splashed on the hedgehogs, but they didn’t seem to care much.

"Wow you’re pretty cute!"

Amethyst extended her hand to pet the weird turtle thing. 

Squirtle allowed her to pet him, and smiled, “Squirtle squirt!”

"You aren’t from here huh?"

She smiled and kept petting him.

"Hey Spirit, why don’t you pet him?" 

Send me a @ and I'll generate an au from this list and make a starter
1: Coffee Shop!AU

2: Actor!AU

3: High School!AU

4: Hitchhiker Ride!AU

5: 50’s!AU

6: Library!AU

7: (Disney movie of choice)!AU

8: Circus!AU


10: Fantasy!AU

11: Serial Killer vs. Detective!AU

12: Not Dead!AU
 (someone else was dead but isn't)
13: Dead/Ghost!AU (someone’s dead.)

14: Military!AU

15: Mermaid!AU

16: Airplane!AU

17: Roleswap!AU
18: Mindswap!AU

19: Psycho!AU

20: Game Show!AU

21: Summer Camp!AU

22: Private Detective!AU

23: Broadway!AU

24: Ice Skating!AU

25: Modeling!AU

26: Amusement Park!AU

27: Road Trip!AU

28: Vampire!AU

29: Angels and Demons!AU

30: Daycare!AU

31: Pokemon!AU

32: Rock Band!AU

33: Marching Band!AU (because yolo)

34: Ballet!AU

35: Demigod!AU

36: Preppy and Punk!AU

37: Disneyworld Cosplayers!AU

38: Dogs!AU (idc if they’re dogs or they have dogs or w/e)

39: (Dystopian World of your Choice)!AU

40: Hogwarts!AU

41: Superhero!AU

42: Dragon!AU

43: Pirate!AU

44: Ghost Hunter!AU

45: Mafia!AU

46: Kingdom!AU

47: Crossdressing!AU

48: Assassin!AU

49: Genderbending!AU

50: Wedding!AU


I did the shippy-chart-thing. This is just SEGA characters. I might do another with Archie and stuff. For the full size, here is the link.

The icons are actually pretty cute and I might upload them larger later.

The question mark is for characters I didn’t include or, I dunno, OCs.

The Path To Insanity (Origins of White Rose/RP with ask-the-dark-and-pink-roses)


Blackout looked around, and saw the rebarb wire Shadow was impaled on, “Better than nothing I guess.” He said, yanking it out from Shadow’s chest, and spinning it around quickly like a bo staff, “Lets go!”

Amy quickly came to her senses and followed Blackout. 

"Where are we going to go?! I’m sure they’re going to follow!"

She kept her hammer in her hands gripping it out of nervousness. 


whenever you try to fall asleep during hot summer nights