Dark & Pink;
White & Amy ;

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girl drop it to the floor

I have deep concerns for the human race

No sh this is good we are evolving

The Path To Insanity (Origins of White Rose/RP with ask-the-dark-and-pink-roses)



"You ,a stranger we’ve never met, knows everything about us. How is that not creepy?" 

"I was created. I have shit preloaded into my brain from both Sonic and Shadow."


Amy tilted her head.

"So you’re like, a clone or something like that?" 


I feel a strong desire to have a big kitty cat

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[❅] he lets out a bunch of angry blips as his optics glows in bright red"I said Relax! If I wanted hurt you you would be dead already!" He says at her taking the weapon in his hands

"Hey! Let go!"

Amy yelled but the weapon was already his.


She huffed and the sword disappeared into thin air. 

"I’m already in enough trouble to argue with you!" 


Studio Allergutendinge designed the Soul Box, a mobile wooden shelter that can be transported anywhere. The minimalist, two-story building features a kitchen and bed on the lower floor, with a viewing platform on the upper one.

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Every episode of Kill la Kill

|Enpiesador de RP| "Amy look im really sorry about the Death of stono being my fault thing but hey!Accidents happen,so im really really sorry,can you forgive litle o'l Dark me?"Dark asked Amy with puppy eyes.




"You COWARD!!!!" 

The pink hedgehog yelled and swung her sword! Completely ignoring the please of the dark male before her.

"He died because you were too much of a coward to face danger yourself!!!"

She swung again while more and more salty tears fell from her blushed angered face.

"If it wasn’t for you he could be here…With us…." 

And suddenly she was quite. Amy used her sword to support her weight as she cried. 

The hedgehog sighed in relief and nodded.


As quickly as she could Amy called White, who took ages to answer the phone, but once she answered Pinky quickly spoke.

"White I’m being arrested! I don’t know what to do! Please call a lawyer or something! Oh and please go get Asher! He’s being taken to a foster home!"

White needed a minute to progress everything she had just said.

"Why the hell did you even get arrested?"

Amy sighed.

"I beat up Dark…"

"Ohh!Great job my dear!"

"White! Don’t say that! I didn’t call so you could congratulate me! I need your help!"

The white female laughed for a while before speaking again.

"Fine fine. I’ll be there with a lawyer in a few minutes. Don’t worry about Asher I’ll have Amethyst and another lawyer handle it."

Finally her nerves eased a bit.

"Thank you White!"

"Yea yea just stay out of trouble, bye."


Amy hung up feeling a lot better and relaxed. 

At amy’s house a few police started knocking on the door “Its the police!open the door or we will enter by FORCE”

The police took amy off the phone and then walked her outside to the police car,which then drove to jail in jail she was shackled and dressed with an orange jumpsuit. Luckily she was placed alone in a cell not with other men or women who might rape her.|its a unisex jail|. “Better get some rest,the first trial starts tomorrow.”a police told amy once he had locked the cell and left.

The pink hedgehog didn’t try to struggle against the officers and allowed them to lock her up in jail.

However a certain white hedgehog was taking none of it.

White marched right on to the prison, with a lawyer following right behind her, to talk to the head chief of the jail.

"Evening, I’m here to pay the bail out money to liberate my sister Amy Rose."

She explained to the receptionist. 

The Path To Insanity (Origins of White Rose/RP with ask-the-dark-and-pink-roses)



Wow, he made it look so easy. Amy made her weapon vanish and stood by hero’s side.

"Oh that’s not creepy…"

She murmured with a raised brow. 

"Hey, I just helped you out! What’s so creepy about that?"

"You ,a stranger we’ve never met, knows everything about us. How is that not creepy?" 

I honestly hate when I check a blog, and the majority (if not all) of the posts are basically “Help me, I’m so depressed.” I mean, once in a while is alright, but doing so on a constant basis makes them seem like an attention whore. I’m sorry if that seemed rude, but I needed to get it off my chest.”